Miss Nepal North America is an international pageant and a global platform for the Nepalese women of tomorrow. The issue of women's empowerment and gender inequality is at height of discussion all across the world, as gender inequality is imminent in all cultures. Specially, in developing countries, gender inequality is proliferating compared to the developed countries. With the mission of “Empowering Nepalese women to empower next generation”, we specialize not only in pageantry, but also in enhancing innate talents, improving leadership skills and social skills, and in providing a solid platform for the Nepalese women of tomorrow. We aim to equip the women of tomorrow with the skill set needed to succeed in this ever changing and challenging environment. We hire the best of the best mentors, leadership coaches, beauty coaches, choreographers, and bring in successful personalities from the industry to shape you to succeed in your future field of choice.

The winner of Miss Nepal North America 2018 will also get an opportunity to volunteer with an international non-profit organization that will be chosen by our extreme vetting process. We strongly believe that volunteering allows you to get involved with challenging scenarios and develop technical, social, and academic skills that could not be learned in a classroom environment. Volunteering also enables you to expand your network of contacts, as a way of building your network that will come in handy in both academic and professional field in the future.


We strongly urge the Nepalese woman of tomorrow, who have passion and drive to succeed, to apply!  

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Miss Nepal North America 

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